Google Chrome not responding

Google Chrome enables easy access to internet. It is a modern day browser with classic add-ons. At times Chrome users come across different problems which might be annoying. The most common problem with which users come up to the support team is ‘Chrome is not responding’, ‘Chrome has stopped while uploading and not responding’, and ‘Chrome is stopping and working’. There can be various reasons behind occurrence of such kind of troubles but they can be solved with easy troubleshooting. This article will prove to be just the type of help you are looking for.

Google Chrome Not Working

Here are some of the steps to assist you with the Google Chrome not responding issue :–

Step 1: Optimize the browser. Sometimes it is enough to fix the Chrome not responding issue. Open the browser and clear the cache & history details. In the upcoming window, check all the boxes expect passwords, Autofill for data, Hosted app data and media license.

Step 2: Clean up the cookies. For that open the menu and click ‘Settings’. After that choose ‘Show advanced settings’. Click ‘Content Settings’ expanding the ‘Privacy Section’.

Step 3: Close the non-responsive window. When the user is opening more than one tab in the browser, there are chances that one or few tabs will get frozen. Close the non-responsive ones to fix the issue.

Step 4: Disable the extensions. Sometimes the malfunction created by third-party plug-in also triggers Chrome troubles. Disable the third party extensions and reactivate them. Open menu and go to ‘More Tools’. Now select ‘Extensions’ and it will show the installed extensions.

Step 5: Clean up the local storage. The storage of corrupted files also create problem. Open ‘Control Panel’ and click ‘Folder Options’. Expand the ‘View’ tab and choose ‘Show hidden files’ under Hidden Files and Folders. Now open the ‘Local Storage’ folder and delete the files.

Step 6: Reset the Chrome browser. Open menu and go to ‘Settings’. Now click on ‘Advanced Settings’ and scroll down the window to click on the reset button.

Why Google Chrome is Not Responding?

Reach Google chrome technical support to solve this issue:

The other most effective and easy solution is to contact – 1888-623-9983 Google Chrome tech support for help. There might be some serious issue with the browser and the technical expert will provide advanced troubleshooting steps.

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