Google Chrome

About Google Chrome –

Google Chrome browser is one of the web browser developed by Google and is available for use at no monetary cost. Google chrome was first released in September 2008, particularly designed for Microsoft Windows, and gradually it was ported to Ios, Linux, and Android operating System.Google Chrome is component of Chrome OS, it provides a platform to run web applications.

Currently in 2017, approximately Google Chrome Browser has a 63% worldwide usage share of web browsers as a desktop browser.

Google Chrome browser is a of high-speed, uncomplicated, and protected web browser, created for our modern web.

Google Chrome has various features-

  1. Google Chrome browser has theme where you can Upload your favorite image and decide a particular color design to form a customized theme  which can be shared with your friends.
  2. Google chrome browser has Chromebooks– It start from $149 and designed to be shared with an unlimited number of students.
  3. Google Chrome TV– Chrome Cast any entertainment from your phone straight to TV.

Plenty of ways to customize Chrome and functional as you want it in settings and applications, addition, themes from the Chrome Web Store. Google chrome is designed to be fast in every possible way. It’s quick to start up from your desktop, loads web pages in a snap, and runs complex web applications at a lightning fast speed.

Google Chrome’s browser window is streamlined, quick and simple. Chrome is designed to keep you safer and secure on the web by means of built-in malware and spoofing security.