How to change google chrome theme on android?


Get details for changing the Google Chrome theme on android devices with these steps :-


Google Chrome web browser is one of the most utilized and most relevant browser of today’s time as it has all the features and technicalities that any web browser should have for surfing the internet. By using this particular web browser one can easily get connected with the internet and can further make use of it for their all types of internet work.


Besides, users can also make several changes to their Google Chrome browser according to their desire and can make it work more accordingly. There are several changes that the user can make on their Google Chrome browser such as changing the browser’s theme and many more. If the users are using the browser on their android devices and they are willing to change google chrome theme on android phones itself then there are certain steps that the users needs to follow for it.


So, mentioned below are the steps for changing the Google Chrome Theme on android devices:

  1. For changing the theme first of all the users are required to open any presentation in the Google slides for which the user wants to change the theme.
  2. In that page the users will see an option of more that they need to select on it.
  3. After this the users are required to select on change theme option that is mentioned beside the more menu.
  4. After this the users need to select on the particular theme that they want to apply.
  5. Once done the users are required to select on save changes.


Hence, by processing these steps the users will be able to change google chrome theme instantly. The steps provided above are really simple but it should be followed correctly so that the process is completed properly and that too without any errors. Users can anytime change the theme of their Google Chrome browsers and can make it more attractive to look and can utilize it for further use.


On the other hand users can also directly contact the google chrome tech support services Р1888-623-9983 toll free for any issues that they might face while accessing the Google Chrome browser. The technical support team can be contacted at any hour of the day as the services is absolutely free of cost and are available for 24/7 and 365 days. The technicians are trained and are experts in solving all issues related to the steps for changing the theme or related to any other and any type of issue of Google Chrome.

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