How To Clear Cache in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer is the ideal browser to have instant access web pages. There are different versions of IE browser for the respective systems. The browser is compact and have all the latest features and technologies. The browser has cleaner interface that means that the address bars, tabs, and navigation buttons can be moved into a single row. Tabs can also be pinned into the browser if you are using Windows 7. The hardware-accelerated rendering feature makes it the faster browser than other. It has download manager which enables easy and quick downloads.
The browser cache is a temporary storage location on the computer for files downloaded on the browser. The locally cached files include documents that make up the website, graphical images, and other multimedia content. It is advisable to clear the cache of the browser for faster access to the internet. This article will provide necessary steps for clearing the browser cache but in case of any trouble contact Internet Explorer tech support.

Here are the steps to clear Internet Explorer cache –
  1. Open the browser and click on ‘Settings’ menu.
  2. Next click on ‘Internet Options’.
  3. Scroll down to Browsing history under the ‘General’ tab and click ‘Select’.
  4. Tick the check-boxes of ‘Temporary Internet files and website files’, ‘Cookies and website data’, ‘History’, and ‘Download History’.
  5. Click on ‘Delete’ Now.


Next follow the steps to clear cache and cookies from Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11 –
  1. Select ‘Tools’ click on the gear icon on the browser and then choose ‘Safety’.
  2. Now click on ‘Delete browsing history…..’. Also, access the menu by holding the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Delete’ keys.
  3. Uncheck the option of ‘Preserve Favorites website data’. Now tick the options of ‘Temporary Internet Files’ and ‘Cookies’. Next click ‘Delete’.
  4. You will get the confirmation at the bottom of the window after the successful clearance of cache and cookies.


Here is an alternate of removing these cache details from the browser –
  1. Click on the ‘Tools’ and then select ‘Developer Tools’.
  2. Now in the ‘Developer Tools’ window, click on ‘Cache’ and then select ‘Clear Browser Cache’.
  3. To confirm the clearing of browser cache, click ‘Yes’ to confirm.

Still not able to clear cache in Internet Explorer? Contact Internet Explorer support experts over the helpline number for instant support. These professionals are trained experts who provide quick support for the IE troubles. Support professionals are the best persons who can help you out with advanced troubleshooting steps in case of any serious trouble.

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