How to clear cache of apple safari?

Apple iphone is known for its uniqueness in terms its operating sysmtes. IOs has its own pros and cons but it is one of the most secure operating systems . IOs has it own range of application and not all the application compatible with other OS are compatible with Apple IOs. Cache memory is the temporary memory created by any system which is accesed at the first go when a command to search any file,website. Safari is the browser compatible with iphone and apple products.

So basically to access the sites faster safari downloads the web pages and stores in locally on the system memory . Next time when a user wants to access the website apple safari will access the cache file and take less time to download the website.these files are called the cache or the temporary internet files but having to much of cache memory eats up the storage you need for others thing like photographs , videos and documents etc.

Therefore it is recommended that you clear the cache memory regularily for one you don’t access the same site again and again but safari will store it and second you need the precious free space. Cache also effects your privacy , anyone access you cache files and see you personal info.


You just need to follow the steps given below to clear the cache:

Step 1: Open the setting of you apple from the menu of your iphone.

Step 2: Scroll down and select safari.

Step 3: Click on advanced that appear at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Now you will see various option related to the safari , now select website data , this will show how much data space is it occupying now if you wish to clear the storage space proceed ahaead.

Step 5: Click on remove all website data.

Step 6: This will delete all the cache.

Step 7: You need to remember that by doing this you will also remove all the active logins and the data/ preferences you made on a particular website. Also all the remember passwords would be gone and you will have to login again on all the sites.

Step 8: If in case you are not able to resolve the issue you can also contact you internet service provider for help.


If you need support for the Safari browser issues that has been given and also for those which has not been given here then you should contact immediately on the helpline number of Apple Safari – 1888-623-9983 toll free that is available 24/7 based on your convenience.



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