How to delete history in Google chrome?

Google Chrome is a web browser which is developed and maintained by Google Inc. It is one of the most used web browsers around the world. Since its inception in late 2000s , Google Chrome has become the no 1 web browser not only in Desktop based computers or laptops but also in Mobile browsers. Google Chrome is constantly ranked as best in service as per the speed and reliability. Google keeps updating Chrome from time to time by adding new features which helps in making it the leading web browser around the world.

Any web site that you visit in Google Chrome is stored as a link in its tab called the History tab. The History tab makes the Google Chrome features more usable as whenever a user wants to see what website was he browsing before, he can just directly take a look at it. Due to this , it saves him a lot of time to type the URLs of different websites. It also keeps a track of the sites which are being visited.


In order to delete your history from Google Chrome , perform the following steps :-

1) Start you web browser from  your computer/ laptop or your mobile.

2) Go to the settings tab given in extreme right hand side corner.

3) In the settings tab, search for History option.

4) Select the History option form the settings menu and then you will be able to see the history of the websites that you visited.

5) You can either select a particular website URL from the list or can select multiple URLs.

6) Just select the URLs you want to delete and then click the delete button.

7) You can also delete the entire browsing history just by clicking on the delete all button.

Now your history will be deleted in Google Chrome which includes the list of all the previous websites visited by you.


If you are facing any specific issues related to your Google Chrome , you can directly contact Google chrome customer service phone number – 1888-623-9983. Customer service staff will adhere to your queries and resolve them. Google customer service is ranked at number 1 hence your all queries will be resolved as soon as possible.

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