How to delete history in Mozilla Firefox?

Here are the ways to fix :-

Mozilla Firefox is known as fast internet browser in order to download videos, images, apps and much more. It is quite an important internet web browser, highly competent to use on an Android device. When it comes to the Firefox offers you control over your personal data, such as browsing history, password and much more.

Firefox let you save all important data in your device conveniently and afterward everything is up to you whatever you want to delete it or save it for a long time.

If you are having an issue with Mozilla Firefox which is not working fine and you want to fix it soon but don’t know what to do, then contact Mozilla Firefox tech support engineers who are available at all the time in order to fix the issue instantly. Having connected with the Mozilla Firefox tech support techies, you can ask your concern and give him whole details so that he can provide you’re the valid support and solution in no time. 

When you are having an issue with this internet browser and want to delete its history then get help with the tech support engineer who fixes such issue in a very short span of the time.  

Here are the ways on how to delete history in Firefox on an android device :-

1. Turn on your iPhone device and then click on the Mozilla Firefox internet browser.

2. Go to the settings and then click on the history tag option allows deleting crash and cockles file.

3. Click on the clear option and then select the files to delete at the end of the procedure.

Thus, you can fix the issue immediately. But if still having an error and failed to fix then dial Mozilla Firefox toll-free number – 1888-623-9983 that is one of the best options make you unable to connect with a technical support representative who deals with multiple issues related to the Mozilla Firefox internet browser and other technical services at every single point of the time.

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