How to Remove Pop-up Blocker on Mozilla Firefox?

The pop-up blockers on Mozilla Firefox prevent your computer from opening the unwanted window without asking your permission on some websites. These pop-ups usually used for display ads and they are often unnecessary and annoying. If you want to know How to remove pop-ups from Mozilla Firefox , you are on right place. We are all aware that Mozilla Firefox pop-up blocker is already integrated with the Firefox browser. So, if you want to find the solution, then you must open your Mozilla Firefox and follow the given instruction correctly.

We urge you to follow the step to remove pop up blocker on Mozilla Firefox :

1.      Open the [Mozilla Firefox] browser.

2.      Click on the [Tools] menu, select [Options].

3.      The [Options] window will open.

4.      Select the [Content] icon in the list.

5.      To remove all the pop-up blockers, uncheck the [Block Pop-up Window] box.

6.      If you want to disable the pop-up blocker for a given set of websites, go to [Exceptions]

7.      Here you need to submit the URL of the websites whose pop-up you don’t want to be blocked.

8.      Click [OK] to save changes.

9.      Close the Window then.

If you have followed these nine steps as per their given order, you have removed pop-ups from Mozilla Firefox. But sometimes, it is necessary and useful to have effective pop-up blockers because some legitimate websites are still using such pop-up windows to display forms or relevant information. You can add such types of websites in the exceptional list.


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