How to set Chrome as default browser?

Chrome is a web browser which is most popular among every other web browser. A product of Google and provides plenty of features to its users. Hence it became our favorite browser.

While using your favorite internet surfer, when you open some hyperlinks sent by your friends, family or colleague, when you click on the link it appears to be opened in another browser your computer has, which is quite irritating. This happens because Chrome is not set up your default browser. Users may call Google Chrome tech support and get support in setting it as default browser. This may take some time so why shouldn’t we do it on our own, it would be quick and easy. Following, I will be discussing the steps to set Chrome as default web browser in your PC/laptop/mobile or tab.

Set Chrome as default browser in Windows 10 :

1) First things first, install Chrome through internet explorer, if it is not installed.

  – Open the Start menu.

  – click on “Settings.”

  – On “Settings Home menu” click on “System”

  – A list of different options will appear on the screen.

  – Click on “Default apps” tab.

2) You can find “Default apps” on the left side of the screen in menu of the System window.

  – Now, click on “Web browser” option, which will display all the web browsers stored in your computer.

  – Choose “Google Chrome” and make it as default.

Set Chrome as default browser for windows:

1) Install Chrome.

2) Go to “Start menu” and open “Control Panel”

3) In Windows 8, hit Windows button and type “Control Panel”

4) Click on “Default Programs.

5) In category view, click on the category “Programs” first.

6) Click on “Set your default programs.”

7) From the list of programs, Click on “Google Chrome”

8) Click on “Set this program as default.”

9) Done.

Set Chrome as default browser in Mac:

1) First install Chrome.

2) Click on the “Apple menu” and select “System Preferences”

3) At the top of the “System Preferences” menu, click on “General”.

4) Now click on “Default web browser”

5) Select Chrome form the list.

6) Done.

Now, I will discuss the steps to set Chrome as default browser in phones and other android or ios based devices such as tablets and note. Many people are using internet on phones today which nearly replaced the computers. Computers are mostly used in commercial places.

Set Chrome as default browser in Android 

1) Download and install Chrome app from Google Play Store.

2) Open “Settings” from the App drawer of your phone.

3) Tap on “Application manager” or “Apps”

4) A list of all the apps installed in your Android device will appear.

5) Scroll down a little, tap on “Clear defaults” button.

6) Select “Google Chrome” from the list of apps.

7) A list of all the installed browsers will appear.

8) Tap “Google Chrome”

9) Tap on “Always” to keep Chrome as default browser.

Set Chrome as default browser in iOS :

The only possible way to make Chrome as default, you’d need to first jailbreak your iPhone. After jailbreak, Open Cydia (Cydia is package manager for jailbroken device) which lets you to install apps which are not authentic and free. It can be found on the home screen.

1) Tap on “Search”

2) Search for “Open in Chrome.”

3) This is a tweak for iOS device’s system settings which helps you to switch default browser.

4) To download and install the tweak, Tap on “Install” button.

5) The iOS device will restart now in order to complete the process of installation.

6) Open “Settings” on your device.

7) “Open in Chrome” will be added as a new option into your Settings app.

8) Enable “Open in Chrome”.

9) Make sure that in the settings, the slider is toggled on in “Open in Chrome”.

10) Doing this would set “Chrome” as default browser.

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