Know how can users set homepage in Chrome –


The users need to follow the steps stated below in order to set homepage in Chrome :-

1. First of all the user needs to open Google Chrome. The Google Chrome icon is represented by a red, yellow , green and a blue app icon.

2. This icon is present in the top right corner of the window. Alongwith this icon, a drop down menu will appear.

3. The users may click on the settings it is present near the bottom of the drop down menu. By clicking on the same opens a settings menu in  a new tab.

4. Then the users may click the gray “show home button” switch which is present right near the “appearance” section of settings.

On pressing the switch, the switch turns blue. After pressing on this button, then the users may click on a house shaped button that is present in the left side of the window. This icon is a blue shaped icon.

5. The user is required to check “ enter a url” circle. The users may click on this circle. After clicking on this circle, the users will see a field that states “ enter a URL field”. This field allows the users to enter  website’s address that is set as the homepage.

6. Thereafter the users may see a “ new tab page” icon. After clicking on this icon, the users will be allowed to set this new page as the homepage.

7. The users may check the “ new tab page” circle in order to open a new tab whenever the users press on the home button.

The users need to check “ enter a URL” circle. The users may elick the circle to the left of the “Enter a URL” field. This will allow the users to enter a website’s address which the user wants to set as the homepage. These steps will let the user know how to set homepage in Chrome.

8. The users may enter a website’s address. By clicking on the same, the users need to click the “Enter a URL” field and accordingly the user needs to type in an address (e.g.,

9. At last the user needs to close the settings tab. The users may click the small x in the top-right corner of the “Settings” tab at the top of the Chrome window.

10. After doing so, the changes will be saved. The users may now click the house-shaped home button which is present in the upper-left side of the window in order to open the page that the user wants to set as the  homepage.

Stated above are some of the steps that the users need to follow in order to  set homepage in Chrome. If the users face any issues, then the users may contact the customer service for talking to the technical team for getting the right assistance to get the issues resolved.

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