How to set Safari as your default web browser in multiple operating systems.

Safari is a WebKit engine based web browser owned and developed by Apple. Introduced in “Mac Operating System X Panther” in 2003. A version of it has also been included in iOS based devices, ever since the launch of the iPhone in 2007. It serves as the default browser for Apple devices. In more than a decade, Safari has been developed into a reliable, capable and powerful browser that never lets you down.

When you download and use a web browser other than Safari such as Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. It asks you to make it your default browser and somehow you click on OK in hurry or may be due to some other reasons, it will be selected as your default browser which could be frustrating and you may call Apple Safari tech support. They will provide you the information on how to set it back. But calling them and getting connected to a human could be complicated and could take much enough time. Here, I will discuss the tutorial step by step about how to make Safari as your default browser.

Here are the steps to make Safari the default web browser in macOS:

1) On your pc, move your cursor toward the top-left corner of the screen and click on the Apple logo.

2) A drop-down menu will open.

3) Click on “System Preferences”.

4) Click on “General”.

5) This option would be almost at the top-left corner of the “System Preferences” window.

6) Now, find and click on the “Default web browser” drop-down box.

7) It should be in the middle of the page.

8) Here, select a browser, as we are talking about Safari. From the drop-down menu, click on Safari browser.

9) If you are unable to see safari browser in the list then you’d need to update your safari application and restart your Mac.

10) After that follow the same steps, once you see Safari in the list, select it.

11) Close the “System Preferences” window.

Now, your settings has been saved and the default browser of your computer is Apple Safari web browser. These were the easiest steps to set apple safari as default browser. But if you face any trouble making it as default, you may contact Apple or go online and place a help request so that they could contact you back and help you sorting this out.

Following are the steps to set Safari as default browser in Windows:

1) Download and install Safari web browser.

2) Go to the the upper right corner of your browser window and click on the Gear icon.

3) A drop-down menu will appear.

4) Now, click on “Preferences”

5) Here, Safari’s Preferences dialog box will appear.

6) Click on the “General” icon, if it is not selected already.

7) Now, click on the drop-down menu

8) Find and click on “Default web browser” options.

9) Once the drop-down menu appears

10) You will see an option which would be labeled Safari, select that.

11) Close the preferences.

Safari is your default browser now.

By following all the above steps you are able to set apple safari as default browser.

Once you are done with setting up Safari as default browser, you should run a test to make sure that the operation you just performed made Safari as your default browser.

Close System Preferences, find and open a Web based resource such as a link of any website from somewhere which is not a browser. For example: Hyperlinks in document files or URL from any email that you have received. If you click on the link and it opens in Safari that means it is effective from now.

Well, if you have installed multiple versions of a browser in your computer, the list will show them individually with their respective version number. One more thing – apps which are able to open resources from web, such as virtualization apps or media players may also be shown in the list. However, they come with limitations which don’t allow such apps to be a default browser.

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