How to uninstall Internet explorer?

Internet Explorer is one of the most highly used web browser. It is the second most widely used browser on different systems and operating system as well. At the moment still we have many other browser which are commonly used but Internet Explorer is one of them which is widely used. The features of the Internet Explorer is amazing and additional ones add like cut, copy, paste, Find on Page and so on. The browser and all the related downloaded packages are available for free on the web browser by Microsoft.


Steps to Uninstall the Internet Explorer:

1.       Firstly Click onto the Start option.

2.       Now in the search bar type and you will find ‘Program and Features’.

3.       After which click the ‘Program and Feature’.

4.       Click view installed update.

5.       Move down to “Microsoft Windows’.

6.       Now choose the option Windows Internet Explorer.

7.       Click ‘Uninstall’ option.

8.       Click OK.


Accessing the Internet explorer is one of the easiest and most widely used web browser . The updated version or rather the upgraded version of Internet Explorer is very user friendly and simple it is easy to access. For different systems we have different ways of deleting the Internet Explorer.

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