How to update Google Chrome browser?

Google Chrome is the browser which is used by millions around the world. It is available for different operating systems and devices. The browser is easy to install and update. The browser prevents any type of unwanted access and notifies the dangerous websites that can create problem. Chrome has enabled faster downloads and now emails can be accessed safely from the browser. User has the option of safe browsing and protection from spam is also high. It has super clean contextual menus and user can work on different tab at a time.

Are you facing trouble in surfing internet from the browser? Or the browser is opening slowly? Check whether the browser is updated or not. If the browser is not updated from a long time period then this type of issues occur in the browser. Normally updates are taken automatically but user might have switched off the automatic update in the browser. If now it is clear as to why browser update is important in eliminating preventing lot of errors. Here in this article proper steps for the update will be prescribed and if they fail then contact the support team for expert assistance.

Here are the steps to update the Chrome browser on the computer –

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now in the top-right corner click on ‘:.
  3. Select ‘Help’. It will now enter a or prompt a pop-up window and click on the ‘Update Google Chrome’ option.
  4. Next click on ‘About Google Chrome’
  5. Wait till the time Chrome update is over. Once the update is down user will be able to now access the browser.


How to update the Chrome browser on Mobiles?

Follow the steps to update the browser on the IOS device –

  1. Open the iPhone App Store and in the bottom of the screen tap ‘Updates’.
  2. Now next to the Chrome option, tap on ‘Update’.
  3. Enter the iPhone ID and password which will allow browser update.

Here are the steps to update the Chrome browser on Android device –

  1. Open the Google Play Store and tap on the ‘Settings’ icon on the top-lefty corner.
  2. Next tap on ‘My apps & Games’.
  3. Now look for the Google Chrome option and tap for browser update.
  4. Wait till the update completes and once that is done user can access the browser on the device.

Facing any problem to update Google Chrome? Contact the Chrome support team for help and support. These experts deal with various browser problems on regular basis and thus are best place to provide a effective solution. There can be many technical glitches with the browser use and it is best to take assistance from the technical experts for easy solutions.

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