How to update mozilla firefox?


Procedure to check for updates and how to update Mozilla FireFox :

Mozilla is a free open source web browser developed by the foundation of Mozilla. Firefox is available for windows, Macos and android as well. It is a highly acclaimed browser and it is getting fame as it has high speed and is a well performer in comparison to other browsers.

Wondering why do people update Mozilla Firefox  browser? The only reason is that every new version comes better than the older one fixing all the bugs which were present in the earlier version hence hindering your performance on the net and the user facing issues always. For smooth access to your browser they come up with new versions to rely on.


If you want to update it you will first have to check it and then have to install it follow the procedure given below to do so :-

  1. First of all open the Firefox app. it would be a round icon looking like a globe.
  2. Click on help which you can locate on the upper left corner of the screen
  3. Click on About Firefox. It will then open a dialog box and automatically check for the download and all the updates available for you.
  4. Now click on Restart Firefox to update you will see all the updates getting installed when Firefox is relaunching.


 There are two types of updates :-

  1. Automatic Update –This is a procedure which runs by default. Here Firefox will automatically check for updates. It will notify you on your own if an update is available. If you see update click on the Firefox button. The Latest version will download and install on your computer by its own. Now by clicking on the update button the new version will apply on your browser and now you can use it.
  2. To manually set the Update –Step 1: Time to time you can check the update. Locate the menu bar at the top of the window and scroll till you find Help and select About Firefox.

    Step 2: If you chose not to display the menu you can rather select the menu icon and click on next.

    Step 3: Here the question mark button would open the help menu and select about Firefox.

    Step 4: Once the window directs you to the page of About Mozilla Firefox it would start checking for the updates available.

    Step 5: If the Firefox will already be up to date just select the automatic update so that whenever the new version comes you do not have to do anything and it automatically brings you on the new version to work on.

Now as you have downloaded this browser you can easily access it for high speed suffering . However if you find the above stated steps difficult to perform then you have another option which is provided by the browser itself. The alternative leaves you with an option of contacting the Mozilla Firefox tech support – 1888-623-9983. Here the technicians will help you solve your problem instantly. They are experts and skilled to an extent where these problems are small issues for them to tackle. Getting support is just an easy job as it is one call away.

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