How to contact internet explorer and get support?

Microsoft internet explorer was one of those web browsers who ruled in the list of top web browsers in early 2000’s. Later with the launch of Google Chrome and Firefox, its popularity did not remain the same. Still, there are many customers of internet explorer and they are getting sticked to it. Where there are internet browsers there are issues too, such as internet not working but the LAN wire is perfectly connected, no internet access but your Wifi is connected. During this bad experience, you can go for internet explorer tech support but bellow, we will discuss about such issues and troubleshooting to get rid of these problems yourself.

How to get rid of error messages?

The most common error exists is, “This page can’t be displayed”. Follow these steps and make it work.

1) Open Internet Explorer.

2) Go to Tools and click Internet Options.

3) Click on Advanced tab.

4) In settings list, you’d need to be sure that you Use TLS 1.0 as selected.

5) Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

6) Start using internet explorer.


Another error message, “Your security settings don’t allow websites to use ActiveX controls installed on your computer. This page may not display correctly. Click here for options…”

Follow these steps :

1) Open Internet Explorer.

2) Go to tools, click on Internet Options.

3) Click the Security tab.

4) Click Trusted Sites.

5) Click Custom level.

6) Under ActiveX controls and plug-ins in the settings list, you’d need to make sure that the following configuration is set.

7) Under Binary and script behaviors, select Enable.

8) Under Download signed ActiveX controls, select Prompt.

9) Under Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins, select Enable.

10) Under Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting*, select Enable.

11) Under Miscellaneous, You’d need to enable the Launching applications and unsafe files setting.

12) Now click ok and click ok again to close the dialog box.

13) Here, you can use internet explorer now.


The most frustrating thing is when an error stops you from downloading a file from a website, the error message shows as, “Your current security settings don’t allow this file to be downloaded.”

Following steps are to troubleshoot this error :

1) Open Internet Explorer.

2) Go to tools and click on internet options.

3) Click the security tab.

4) Here you’d see “select a zone to view or change security settings”, click trusted sites.

5) Click on custom level.

6) In the list, select enable for the file download setting.

7) Click ok and then click OK again.

8) Now you can download the files from internet.

If this doesn’t fix your internet explorer then you may call on internet explorer customer service number.


Following are some internet connection related issues and their troubleshooting :

Errors with network connection. Follow these steps to confirm your network connectivity is right.

1) Make sure the cable is finely connected between your computer and modem.

2) Turn off the modem and restart it after 15 minutes.

3) If the issue still persists and you find the problem is with your internet service then you’d need to contact your internet service provider.


Change windows firewall settings.

Windows firewall is enabled by default. But if it is not already enabled, you can enable it yourself by following steps.

1) Click on Start then click on Control Panel.

2) Click on System & Security.

3) Click on windows firewall, there you’d see options such as Automatic updating, Malware protection, and Other security settings.

4) Expand the bar by clicking on the right arrow button on the firewall bar.

5) Now there will be following three options:

6) Firewall is enabled if the firewall bar is green.

7) If it is red, you’d get a message, “Windows Firewall is turned off.”

8) Click turn on now to turn it now.

If the above troubleshooting guidelines helped then you are good to go with your internet explorer. If not, then please call on internet explorer toll free number and get prompt support.

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