About Internet Explorer-

Internet Explorer is most popular as an antiquated browser developed by the Microsoft and included in the Windows line of operating system. It has been running from 1995 on all the Windows devices. This kind of the browser is still working today and flourishing with numerous features and products.

Even it is sheer secured web browser that protects your device from the unnecessary ads and provides the best internet service all the time. If you are the user of IE, you may have a variety of features as listed down.

  1. Cleaner interface.
  2. Tab Pinning
  3. Tab Isolation
  4. Smaller Notifications:
  5. Tracking Protection Lists
  6. Download manager and much more.

Following features are quite important and sheer new to use in the device. Thus, following sections describes key new and improved features too. The Internet Explorer always Built-in security and its industry-leading Smart Screen filter helps protect end users from malware and phishing attacks. But its innovative features are always there to remove that hurdle at the certain period of time.

There is variety of issues faced by the users as follows:

  1. IE is not working fine on an android device.
  2. Unable to delete history.
  3. Internet Explorer is not downloading on an android device etc.

It has various dexterous tech support executive who is extremely competent in fixing a variety of issues following above at the present time and for that aim, all you are required to do is just make a call and get stay connected with the tech support techies at around the clock.