Mozilla Firefox

About Mozilla Firefox –

Mozilla Firefox is termed as one of the best and the most utilized web browser that is provided to the users for their internet works. Mozilla Firefox is basically a free source web browser by which the users can get the access of internet and can fulfill all their internet related works. This web source was firstly developed and introduced by the Mozilla Foundation with its subsidiary named Mozilla Corporation.


This web browser is one of a kind and also processes various features and tools that makes it the most prominent browser. The features that are there in this particular browser are updated versions and can be installed easily on any systems consisting any operating system. Some of the best features available in the mozilla firefox browser are :

  1. It consists of add-on manager.
  2. Interface facilities.
  3. Malware and phishing protection.
  4. Updated version of the download manager.
  5. Remember password options available.
  6. Also has bookmarks menu to remember important sites.
  7. Automatic updates available.


There are also many problems that the users face while they are surfing the internet on mozilla firefox browser. The issues that are occurred are sometimes solved by the users but many issues require expert solutions so that it can be solved completely. Some of the issues faced by the mozilla firefox browser are :

  1. Installing and downloading Mozilla Firefox on systems issues.
  2. Updating the browser issues.
  3. Removing virus from the browser issues.
  4. Uninstalling the browser issues.
  5. Server settings issues.
  6. Issues in Configuring the browser.