About Opera Mini-

One of the mobile browser that has been well renowned across globe is opera mini browser. It has been made for use on mobile phone in error free manner. It was founded on 10 August 2005. Later on beta version came on 20 October 2005 in swift manner. Later on opera mini 2.0 version was released in 2006.this browser is innovative approach and has been exclusively designed for smartphone, pocket PC and PDAs in swift manner.

Some of the astonishing features of browser has been illustrated below:-

  1. With the help of built in ad blocker, it let user to block all banners and video available with the browser. User can remarkably visit home page  and choose ad blocking in small window that appears on screen.
  2. User can easily and rapidly download video. User can even save videos and view them offline in swift manner.
  3. With the unique night mode feature, user can reduce stress from eyes in trouble free manner.
  4. It let user to reduce buffering time of videos by effectively decreasing size of video data in error free manner.
  5. With the advanced feature of data saver mode, user can significantly save 90% of data instantly.


Few characteristics of browser are provided below:-

  1. With increase and rapid performance it let user to browse at faster pace.
  2. With mobile tuning , pages appear better on mobile.
  3. With touch zooming feature, it let user to provide better interface and help user to work in cost effective manner.

By making use of such a brilliant browser, user  can make life easy along with personalized in precise manner.