Want solution for the issue of browser not working?

Browser is a tool to surf the internet and if your browser is not working it is impossible to surf the internet.


If you use browser and suddenly it stops working, i.e. your browser not working, then, to repair your browser, use following troubleshooting steps:

Step 1- Try to reload the page, click on  Reload. This is reload sign, click on it to reload your page.

Step 2- If the above option did not work, then make sure if your computer is connected to Wi-Fi  or a wired network. Try to reload the page again.

Step 3- Clear the cache:

i) First check if your browser is working in Incognito window, if it works, clear your cache and cookies.

ii) Open the Incognito window using Ctrl+Shift+N, once opened,  put the URL of any site and press enter, if the site opens , then go for following troubleshooting technique:

iii) At the browser window, click at the top right click  on More , then click on More Tools and Clear Browsing Data.

iv) On the next page, select “beginning of time” which you can see at the top.

v) Now, do one thing, just select Cached Images and Files and Cookies and other site data. Uncheck other types of data.

vi) When you are done with the above processes, click on Clear Browsing Data.

vii) Now, try Reloading the Tab .

Step 4- It might happen that the device you are using has run out of memory and is unable to load the site while running your apps, extensions and programs in parallel.To free up memory of your device:

i) Close every Tab except the one that is showing Error message.

ii) See if any other app or program is running and if it is so, then close or pausethat program or app.

iii) Try this step also: Uninstall those apps which you haven’t used for long and don’t need to use anymore.

iv) Click on More then, under this option click on More tools then on Extensions.

v) Click “Remove” on extensions you don’t use.

Step 5- If the above methods don’t work, try “restarting your computer” and then, try loading the page again.

Step 6-  Updating Chrome can be worthy:

i) Click on Chrome to open it.

ii) Go to Settings panel under More located at topmost right corner of your browser.

iii) You will see an option “About Chrome”, first and foremost thing is you need to click the Menu first.

iv) Suppose there is requirement to update the browser, chrome will show an option “Relaunch”, click on it. After Relaunching, Reload the tab even if it shows an error.

v) If there is no message or option to Relaunch,it is an updated Chrome version.

Step 7- You can cleanup unwanted software by removing unwanted Ads, pop ups and malware. Go for following steps :

i) Click on browser icon and Open it.

ii) Click More , under this panel, click on Settings.

iii) In Settings option, you will see an option “Advanced “, click on that.

iv)  Under Advanced,  click on Reset, once you click on Reset, it will start the procedure to reset your browser.

With your browser’s cleanup tool,you can remove unwanted or malicious programs of your browser, it may solve the problem of not working as browser not working is not a common issue as the chances are less that a user is not able to use his/her browser.

So, if your browser not working, you can go for one of the above mentioned steps or try them one by one, and once your browser starts working from not working state,make yourself comfortable again to use your browser.

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