Mozilla Firefox Not Responding

Do you really want to fix Mozilla Firefox issues completely?

Here’s the effective way :-

Firefox is an advanced web browser which gives a gateway to access the websites in a secure way. The features are prominent and allow the users to enjoy the digital life. Though it has tough competition in the market with other browsers, but even though, it maintains its position and also the user’s loyalty.

Firefox is Not Responding

However, Mozilla Firefox undergoes the outage and due to the same the users face a problem and one of the common issues is “Mozilla Firefox not responding”. On the off chance, if you are facing any such issue, then you can resolve it by performing few tasks and for your comfort, few useful tips have been provided below, which will be useful for you to fix the issue.

Why Mozilla firefox is not working

Step 1 – Consumption of CPU memory by the applications is the prime cause for this issue, so your first step is to find out the extensions and themes which are consuming more memory and disable them.

Step 2 – Many web pages utilize the memory to display the pages and mostly it is automatic. So, if you don’t need such kind of feature, then disable the flash and for the same, open Menu and click on the Add-ons. Thereafter, Add-ons menu will appear navigate to the plug-ins and click on it. Now search for the Flash and click on the options button to select Ask to Activate.

Step 3 – It’s time to wipe out the cookies and caches and for the same, click on the Library button, located at the top of the Menu bar and select History. Thereafter, select Clear Recent History. After clicking on the same, a new window will appear, select the time frame and make sure to click on the checkbox of cookies and caches. After performing all such activities, click Clear Now.

Step 4 – Reinstall the Firefox. But before that, uninstall it and for the same, open Control Panel from your computer and then move to the section of the Programs and features and under the same, select Mozilla Firefox. After selecting the Firefox, click on Uninstall button to remove it completely. Once, it is removed, open any browser and navigate to the website of Mozilla Firefox. Select the latest version of the Firefox and click on the Download button to save the file. After downloading, open the download folder and Run the file. The installation process will take a couple of minutes. Thereafter, you won’t get any issue.

Mozilla Firefox Toll free

On the off chance, if still persists any issues, then feel free to dial on Mozilla Firefox Toll-Free NumberThe geeks will provide the wide range of effective solution which will fix the issues. There is no time frame to call, it means, you can make a call at any moment of time.

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