Mozilla Firefox not Updating-

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser developed and maintained by Mozilla foundation which is an open source foundation that develops and maintains open source software such as Linux, Unix, Ubuntu etc. Mozilla Firefox was launched in the year of 2006 and since then it has come a long way.

It is always noted for its security features and the less time taken to produce results. Mozilla Firefox is constantly ranked as one of the best web browsers of present arena.

Mozilla Firefox can be easily installed n your computer by simply downloading the software package from the internet and installing it on your computer.

Like all software, Mozilla Firefox needs to be updated after some time. This is because wit time, the security features of a software needs update from the malware attacks and virus attacks. Also new features are added with every update. So you must update your Mozilla Firefox to use the latest software.


If you are unable to update your Mozilla Firefox web browser, it must be due to one of the following reasons:

STEP 1: You do not have enough space in your device whether you are suing a computer or a laptop. Make sure you have ample space in your laptop to be able to compensate for the update package of your Mozilla Firefox web browser. In case you need to make space, you must delete some old applications which are not required now.

STEP 2: You do not have the correct software program installed for Mozilla Firefox. Instead you have downloaded something else from the internet. Make sure you get the actual Mozilla Firefox update package from the trusted web site of Mozilla Firefox foundation.

STEP 3: Your computer might be under the attack of Virus. If your computer has been attacked by a Virus then it may render some of the Mozilla Firefox files completely useless. In this case you must run a security scan in order to tranquilise the effects of the virus attack and thus download Mozilla Firefox web browser.


If you are still not able to update Mozilla Firefox web browser, the you must contact Mozilla Firefox customer support – 1888-623-9983. You can write your queries in a mail or can call the toll free number of customer support to get in touch with the Mozilla Firefox technical support team and get your queries resolves.

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